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Berlo Translations is a translation company in Singapore offering a wide scope of translation services for personal and corporate needs – all the way from certified translation of personal documents to business, marketing, financial, medical and legal translation, interpretation and transcription.

Providing translation service involves more than just converting text from one language to another. It involves carrying across ideas in a way that is faithful to the source while ensuring comprehensibility in the target language. To deliver this, we emphasize three key factors: accuracy, smoothness and delivery flair. Accuracy involves bringing across the meaning of the source exactly as it is, while smoothness refers to providing a translated output that is not awkward and can be easily understood in the target language; on the other hand, delivery flair involves delivering a written translation or interpretation in a way that suits the style required in a particular field.  This means that the translation of a press release will be expressed differently than a legal document, and the writing style in a legal translation will be different than that of a localized content. At Berlo Translations, we constantly keep these in mind when delivering our translation service.

We offer a variety of translation services in Singapore and beyond. These include certified document translation services, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation and transcription work done by generalists and specialized translators in business, finance, law, medicine, etc. If you are looking for a certified translation service that values accuracy, smoothness and delivery in the proper style, contact us through our inquiry page or through and we’ll be happy to meet your need!

If you’d like to understand more about the range of our translation services, feel free to refer to the following:


In Singapore, we translate documents for PR (permanent residence), employment and visit pass applications. These include general documents like school certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates and household registration documents. In addition to these, we also translate letters, blog contents, magazine articles, general reports, interview documents and many more.


Whether translating a partnership contract, an agreement or a litigation document, we ensure the precision and comprehensiveness of our output with respect to content and scope. Our translators’ knowledge and keen attention to details will provide you the translated legal document that has no ambiguity.


Accuracy, use of appropriate business terminology and proper presentation are the key success factors in business document translation, thus your materials are worked on by translators who were once business professionals themselves. We translate marketing collateral, financial reports and contents related to economics, bonds, equities, derivatives and the like.


Do you need to translate a technical specification, laboratory manual, installation or service guide? Our translators with industry engineering experiences and science background are able translate the documents with an understanding of the terminologies, concepts and application of your technical content, resulting in a highly accurate and professionally completed work.


Do you need to translate technical, regulatory or clinical documents for the pharmaceutical, medical device or healthcare fields? We make sure that your document is translated and proofread by professionals who have the qualification and experience in these fields.


In localization and subtitling, our target is to ensure that the localized content strongly resonates with the target audience without deviating from the original material. With this in mind, we specifically assign localization and subtitling projects to translators who have the writing skills, cultural understanding and passion for the content


Whether for court hearing, conference, seminar, social event or any activity, we can provide on-site translators and transcription specialists who have the needed background and experience for the specific theme and purpose. On top of this, clients can be assured that we keep the strictest confidentiality of the interpretation and transcription contents.


A transcription is a written account of a verbal communication. It can a written draft of a speech, an interview or any form of verbal communication between two or more parties.

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