Localization and Subtitling

In localization, our target is to ensure that the localized content strongly resonates with the target audience without deviating from the essence of the original material. With this in mind, we specifically assign localization projects to native translators who have in-depth understanding of the target country’s culture and lingo, including the intricacies and subtleties of both source and target languages.

In subtitling, beyond observing the norms and technical requirements, we ensure that meaning instead of just words are translated and the speaking style is maintained as much as possible. Translating subtitles can be tricky at times, as many colloquial phrases and manners of expression in one culture may mean differently in another culture when the words are translated exactly. In these cases, we prioritize bringing across the point rather than the exact words. The speaking style is equally important as well, as it reflects the inner thought process, logic and emotion of the speaker in a particular scene.

If you are looking for a translation company in Singapore for your localization and subtitling, feel free to contact us through our inquiry page or email us at contact@berlotranslations.com.