Notarized Translation

General/ PR Application Translation/ Notarized Translation/ Certified Translation in Singapore

In Singapore, we provide services for visit, employment passes, citizenship and permanent residence or PR application translation. Among others, these cover document translation services for birth certificates, school certificates, marriage certificates and household registration documents.

For employment pass, citizenship and PR application translation, completeness and accuracy are very crucial, and any gap in these areas may result in incomplete submission and possible rejection. Moreover, certified translation (and in many cases, notarized translation) of these documents will also be required, that is, they should be certified as accurate by a translator or translation company, and in the case of notarized translation, they should be notarized or certified as true copies of the original by a notary public as well.

At Berlo, we provide certified translation and can subsequently process notarization in Singapore on your behalf, thus providing you with either certified translation or notarized translation that you can readily submit for your application. Through this, we provide our clients with one-stop document translation services, so they can focus their time and attention on the other matters of the employment pass, citizenship or PR application.

Other than the above, within the scope of general document translation services, we also translate letters, blog contents, magazine articles, press releases, general reports and even books. In this domain, we have served various marketing, media and publishing companies in Asia and beyond aside from providing the same translation services in Singapore.

Are you looking for certified translation, notarized translation or a provider for your PR application translation? Or are you looking for a translation company that can adeptly translate your articles, press releases and books? Send over your document through our inquiry page or through and get your free quote!