Whether it is a contract, articles of association, patent or litigation document, legal documents are designed to be detailed and comprehensive. They mostly cover the rights and obligations of parties as well as supporting details for arguments and claims. Therefore, legal translation involves dealing with the intricacies of these documents, and apart from proficiency in both source and target languages, it requires good knowledge of legal terms, proper understanding of the content and context, and ability to write in the legal style. A good knowledge of legal terms refers to familiarity and understanding of the terminologies of the legal field and is a basic requirement for delivering a legal translation that is unambiguous and precise. A proper understanding of the content and context ensures that the translation is not done literally, that the contents are interpreted correctly, and that the overall translation accurately reflects the meaning of the source. On the other hand, ability to write in the legal style helps ensure that the legal translation is not only accurate in content but also professional in form.

At Berlo Translations, we take our work on document translation services seriously and pay great attention to these aspects in our legal translation, as we understand that any incorrect use of word or improper phrasing of a statement can alter the meaning and render the output of the legal translation invalid or unfit for use. To do this, we ensure that our translators have the proper background and experience to deliver our promise, and that the translation is checked and reviewed properly before presenting to the client.

If you have a legal document that needs to be translated accurately, smoothly and in proper style, send over your document through our inquiry page or through contact@berlotranslations.com and get your free quote!