Medical Translation

Medical translation carries with it a heavy responsibility, as the use of the translated document has far-reaching consequences beyond monetary value. At Berlo, we take this responsibility seriously, and to ensure that the output is delivered satisfactorily, we take the following steps when providing our medical document translation services.

First, the translation is done by a translator who understands the content, regardless of whether it falls under general medicine or a specialized field. Understanding is the basic and key requirement in delivering quality medical translation service. Second, the translation is edited to ensure that the interpretation is correct, the right terminologies are used, and the proper format is applied. Third, the edited translation is proofread one more time before submission.

In translating medical documents, aside from language proficiency and content knowledge, the translator must have good analysis and reading comprehension in order to deliver a translation service that does not betray the heavy responsibility behind it.

Do you need to translate technical, regulatory or clinical documents for the pharmaceutical, medical or healthcare fields? We make sure that your document is translated and proofread by professionals who are knowledgeable in these fields. Do not hesitate to contact us through our inquiry page or email us at to let us know your need!