Translation Services in Singapore: Where to Choose the Best

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July 21, 2020
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October 30, 2020

Translation Services in Singapore: Where to Choose the Best


Previously, I wrote on what qualities to watch out for when seeking out a certified translation company in Singapore. Through thoughtful inquiries and careful selections, you can be sure of hiring professionals who will deliver the high-quality translation services that you need. However, that covers the ‘how’ of choosing, but not the ‘where’. Fortunately, in this ever-online age, there are a wealth of resources to sift through at your fingertips.

Search Engines

The most obvious answer that springs to mind if you are looking for anything is, of course, the search engine. Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo. Whatever kind of translator in Singapore you require, whether it is a legal translation or a PR application translation you need assistance with, turning to a search engine will doubtless be  one of the very first options that spring to mind. Be clear on what you need, use the right keywords, and you will have plenty to look through after just a few searches.


“Best of” Lists

When presented with a multitude of options, it can be prudent to make a comprehensive list so you can compare and contrast. In terms of finding translators, it can help you discover which company offers the best certified document translation services in Singapore, or which company specializes in notarized translations. This can be a time-consuming task, so it is quite fortunate that others have already compiled lists of options for others. One such list can be found at Best in Singapore (, where you can read about their choices for the Top 20 Translators in this country, as well as many other comprehensive lists of the most popular services and items.


Reviews and Word of Mouth

Do you have any friends or relatives who needed to translate a document similar to yours? Another way of learning about viable translation companies is to hear from others. In the same way, you can also look through the reviews of others to gauge the caliber of skill a particular translation company provides.

If you are ever at a loss as to where to procure certified translation services in Singapore, you can always turn to the options listed above for a sizable selection of choices.