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June 26, 2020
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What Translators Need: Memory


In this case, while a good memory is a trait that translators will find useful from the very start, it is also something that can be developed over the course of their careers. A certified translation company in Singapore must deal with a wide variety of documents, but some types will appear more frequently than others. For instance, when handling a legal translation, one can frequently encounter letters of certification by lawyers. As such, a translator in Singapore can both acquire and improve their skill at memorization, especially in regards to specific types of documents, just by performing their duties day after day.


One particular example would be birth certificates. Not only is it an item that everyone in the world should possess, it is also a common requirement for the various permits and passes that governments of the world issue. Due to this, birth certificates are frequently, if not always, one aspect of a PR application translation. As these are important documents for official purposes, they must be certified and this in turn becomes a notarized translation. Thus, when one is providing certified translation services in Singapore, a person in this industry will invariably not only become familiar with birth certificates, but with minute aspects of a birth certificate as well.


In the process of rendering document translation services for birth certificates, one will see commonly-used entry titles like “Name” or “Date of Birth”. Even when unfamiliar with the language of the document, if the same words used in the same context are seen over and over, then a translator will be able to more quickly understand those words at first glance. Even the certificate formats themselves will be recognizable over time, though those working at a translation company should take care not to rely too much on reflexive memory, as any kind of official document can be updated over time to have certain entries rearranged and certain phrases rephrased.

Ultimately, if you are seeking to hire a company for a certified translation service in Singapore, then know that if they have worked on similar documents in the past, a translation company will be better able to quickly deliver an accurately translated document for your needs.