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May 8, 2020
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May 15, 2020

How do I Speed Up a Translation?

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The translation of any text from one language to another is always rife with obstacles, and this is especially the case for official documents. Sometimes, a translation company would run into issues that have nothing to do with language. A legal translation could slow down because of handwriting that is too small or messy to read easily; a PR application translation can be stalled if translators are
unable to verify the name of an obscure address or organization. Fortunately, if you are a client seeking the help of a certified translation company in Singapore, there are a number of actions you can take beforehand to speed up any translation of a document.

Know Exactly What You Need

Typically, you will often already know what type of translation job to request from translators in Singapore. Either the recipient who asked for your documents to be translated will inform you, or any other professionals who are advising you on this matter will tell you the type of translation you need. Certified translation companies themselves will also often help you be certain of your choice by asking for the purpose of a translation job, and if a notarized translation will be necessary.

Review Your Documents

An experienced translator in Singapore will often have encountered various official documents in various languages, and thus will already be familiar with various commonly-used terms and phrases. However, there are some cases where there is little any translator can do, such as if the text on a document is illegible. Hence, if you could briefly look through your own documents before submitting
them for a translation service, and make the necessary clarifications or comments on anything you feel is
significantly unclear, then this will further hasten the translation process.

It is understandable to want to get the most value out of the document translation services you pay for. However, if time is a more important concern for you than anything else, a little bit of preparation can go a long way. With adequate information, the certified translation services that your chosen company provides can be completed with greater efficiency and deliver the final translated results to your hands with more time to spare.