What Are The Most Important Details In My Translated Document?

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May 28, 2020
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What Are The Most Important Details In My Translated Document?


When seeking certified translation services in Singapore, you can be confident that whichever translation company in Singapore you choose, they will frequently be dedicated to the thorough and accurate translation of every aspect of your documents. However, any translation service can run into a hurdle when they encounter details they cannot verify on their own. 

Typically, the kind of details that can cause a translation company difficulty are either obscure or outdated, and cannot be easily confirmed through a standard search for information. If such a problem is encountered, the most reliable solution is confer with the client on whether the particular details they have translated are correct. When dealing with a PR application translation or a legal translation, most who provide certified document translation services are keenly aware that they cannot guess on the details when it comes to producing an acceptably accurate translation.

Fortunately, this is where you can prepare for this potential hurdle. If you can anticipate the areas translators will have trouble with, you can provide them with the relevant information ahead of time. These areas frequently involve the following:

  • Names: There are a huge variety of names in the world that few translators can fully anticipate.
  • Addresses: Translators can turn to online maps, but if a road name has changed or if an old building has been renamed or closed down, things can become confusing.
  • Acronyms: Translators can be fluent in a foreign language, yet can still be unfamiliar with how another country shortens words for official use.
  • Technical Terms: Details like names of medicines or programming commands can befuddle translators as well.

Furthermore, translators can be stumped by document text where the ink has faded, or where ink-stamps overlap each other, or where hand-writing and signatures become too erratic to read. If you can provide a translator with more information ahead of time, they will be able to provide you with certified translation services and a finished translation job at a much speedier pace.