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May 15, 2020
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What Translators Need: Resources

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No matter how skilled or experienced a translator in Singapore might be, any person employed in such a field of work will find it necessary to turn to reference materials and other tools to supplement their own knowledge. Similarly, even if you intend to fully rely on a translation company‘s services, it can still be useful to know about items related to translation that can be readily accessed.


Dictionaries are one such example. Few can recall the entire vocabulary of any one language, and they certainly help one to be certain of the spelling and meaning of lesser-known words. If a company wishes to deliver high-quality certified translation services in Singapore, then access to dictionaries of various languages is a requirement. Of course, these dictionaries do not need to be physical, as many dictionaries can be found online for most languages, including the Merriam-Webster dictionary for English, found at


Part and parcel of providing document translation services is the ability to type the necessary characters of any language. This is simple enough when only the basic alphabet is involved, but this becomes a bit more complicated when typing out words with accent marks like “rassurés” or a German umlaut like “bücher”. Of course, any certified translation company in Singapore would know how to do this without having to seek out different computers or keyboards. One such method would be adjust the Language options on any one computer. A quicker and less technical way can be done inside any internet browser, simply by searching for an online keyboard for the language you would want to type in.


When it comes to important jobs like notarized translations or PR application translations, more than a single writer or translator. Typically, after a translator’s first translation of a text, one or more persons who will then review the work checking for accuracy and clarity. For anybody attempting a translation on their own, there are also a variety of online translation sites and programs to double check your work against.

Ultimately, you can be confident in the accuracy of certified translation services, but if you feel the need to further verify the final product they produce, the tools discussed above should go some way towards giving you more peace of mind.